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Co-founder @ Panash, a Product Discovery Studio - Rennes, France

We were more than happy to host Luky on our show (Product with Panash) to discuss her experience in making UX a core part of product decisioning in growing organisations.

Her unique expertise in evangelising the benefits of a user-centered approach in scale-ups coupled with very concrete and actionable insights made for an exceptionally engaging moment with our community of product and design practitioners.


Co-founder of Axance agency and UXalliance - Paris, France

Having Luky for a day at our company in 2019 has been the most refreshing moment of the year! Luky provided us with the best demonstration of how UX and user research can change a company and drive it to the future. Every design and business school should watch her videos! Tks again Luky for sharing your knowledge with our team!


Founder & curator of Product Camp Conference, Gdańsk, Pomorskie, Poland

Luky was our keynote speaker at ProductCamp 2020. Throughout the event she got herself known as a witty, well prepared and inspiring presenter. Highly recommending Luky for any business or product conference appearance.



CEO & Co-Founder of Kata.ai - Jakarta, Indonesia

Luky has an extensive knowledge in UI/UX! She was able to provide my team with the fundamental of UX research in a very accessible way. She taught the step-by-step through each process and gave us a fun understanding of how to or not to conduct UX research.


O2O UX Research Lead at Bukalapak - Jakarta, Indonesia

We had a sharing session with Luky and it was very insightful. Luky held a Q&A session type about basic UX and her day-to-day research practice. Our team could immediately relate to what she shared and we got some of her tips on best practices on UX Research and on handling stakeholders. Not only that she reminds us why we do what we do, but she also helps us strengthen our understanding of UX Research ground.

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